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The following reports are available for download as PDF files:

  • R. Richter and Schläpfer, D., "Atmospheric / Topographic Correction for Satellite Imagery", DLR report DLR-IB 565-01/2018, Wessling, Germany, pp 280.
  • R. Richter and Schläpfer, D., "Atmospheric / Topographic Correction for Airborne Imagery ", DLR report DLR-IB 565-02/2018, Wessling, Germany, pp 280.

Papers and Reports


  • D. Schläpfer, A. Hueni, and R. Richter, “Cast Shadow Detection to Quantify the Aerosol Optical Thickness for Atmospheric Correction of High Spatial Resolution Optical Imagery,” Remote Sensing, vol. 10, no. 2, p. 25, Feb. 2018.


  • D. Schläpfer and R. Richter, “Atmospheric Correction of Imaging Spectroscopy Data Using Shadow-Based Quantification of Aerosol Scattering Effects,” EARSeL eProceedings, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 21–28, Nov. 2017.
  • A. Makarau, R. Richter, D. Schläpfer, and P. Reinartz, “APDA Water Vapor Retrieval Validation for Sentinel-2 Imagery,” Ieee Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 227–231, Jan. 2017.


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  • D. Schläpfer and R. Richter, "Recent Developments In ATCOR For Atmospheric Compensation And Radiometric Processing Of Imaging Spectroscopy Data," EARSeL eProceedings, 2016, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 40–48.


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2001 and earlier

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