ReSe Applications LLC provides scientific pre-processing software for remote sensing images.

GLIMPS - Features

GLIMPS: Overview | Features | Screenshots

GLIMPS is a free tool for image analysis and rectification. It includes an ENVI™ file viewer for image browsing and extraction of spectra.

Image Analysis Features

  • ENVI™ File display including various scaling options,
  • multispectral/hyperspectral easy band selection,
  • export of scaled image to GIF/JPG/TIFF/PNG,
  • image profiles (x,y) and spectral profile (Z profile),
  • export of spectral profiles to spectral libraries,
  • coordinate linking support,
  • cube rectification to arbitrary resolution, extent, and rotation,
  • pseudo color display of single band imagery and indices,
  • scale to exact range of single band imagery,
  • spectral band index calculation (Band Ratio, NDVI, ARVI, Absorption Depth),
  • spectral classification (image based/SLB based) using spectral angle or spectral fit,
  • spectral library display (ENVI™ file format),
  • statistics calculation to spectral library,
  • text file display,

Rectification Features (Trafo tool)

  • PARGE® status import
  • BIP/BIL to BSQ conversion,
  • export functions for auxiliary data,
  • cube rectification to arbitrary resolution, extent, and rotation,
  • RGB preview rectification to JPG or TIFF,
  • variety of resampling options for cartographic cube generation (selection of nearest neighbour or bilinear interpolation methods, and optional spatial binning),
  • tiled processing for large datasets,

Technical Conditions and Limitations

  • IDL Virtual Machine: included in the distribution,
  • Operating System Support: Linux, Windows, or MacOSX,
  • Screen size: 1200x800,
  • RAM: 4GB (8GB recommended for Trafo tool)
  • File Size: ENVI image display limited to approx. 5000x5000 Pixels.


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