ReSe Applications LLC provides scientific pre-processing software for remote sensing images.

GLIMPS - the Free ENVI Image Analysis Software

GLIMPS: Overview | Features | Screenshots

GLIMPS is our completely free software to allow remote sensing and imaging spectroscopy image analysis.


  • Bring multispectral and spectroscopic remote sensing imagery to everybody's desktop.
  • Support the analysis of remote sensing data in educational environments.
  • Provide a simple file viewer for ENVI™ formatted imagery and spectral libraries.
  • Show sample applications of spectral image analysis.
  • Provide means for image rectification of PARGE outputs (former TRAFO tool).


The software is developed by ReSe Applications and is provided 'AS IS' without any warranties whether expressed nor implied from our download area (HERE). © The software is protected by copyright laws. It may be redistributed in unchanged form after written agreement with ReSe only. Any decompilation, commercial use, or alteration of the distribution is inhibited.

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