ReSe Applications LLC provides scientific pre-processing software for remote sensing images.

PARGE Software Licenses

Please ask for our price list or for a specific quotation if you plan to order one of the following options:

  • Education licenses for use at schools and universities for educational purposes (up to PhD programs)
  • Research licenses for use in a research environment for operational image processing
  • Commercial license which includes full customization of PARGE

Available Software Options

 I comply with all U.S. and international laws, including the obtaining of any required import license or authorization, as described in these license conditions. I confirm that this purchase is NOT from the PR of China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

PARGE Orthorectification Software

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Educational License:

Educational Confirmation

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Chinese Customers

Please contact our sales representative for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, to receive a quote. Address information:
Dr. Jianzhong Zhang
Mobile: 0086-13601307132