ReSe Applications LLC provides scientific pre-processing software for remote sensing images.

ReSe License Types

Evaluation license
are provided for a duration of 20 days upon request (except for MODO PRO version 5). ATCOR outputs in evaluation mode will be tagged with a watermark.
Education license
are sold to universities and schools only, to be used for educational purposes at limited support (no operational processing of data).
Student license
are offered at reduced costs for a limited duration of one-year upon request (except for MODO).
Research license
are sold to research institutes and universities for regular, but non-commercial processing of research data.
Commercial license
are valid for operational processing of any kind of data and include extended support (e.g., data type dependent interface customization)

Technical Licensing Options

Node-locked license
The license is locked to a computer Host-ID and is only working if started on the specified computer. A backup-license is included on a second machine for non-operational use (for PARGE/ATCOR only).
Floating license
The software may be started from any machine in concurrent mode as long as an internet connection is available. A node locked backup/field license is included with floating licenses.
Dual license
The software is licensed in node-locked mode to two independent computers. Up to two backup and in-field licenses are issued upon request.
Single license rental (student license for PARGE/ATCOR)
The software is licensed in node-locked mode on a yearly basis for one student
Workgroup node-locked license rental (PARGE/ATCOR)
The software is licensed on a yearly basis for five node-locked users.
Workgroup floating license rental (PARGE/ATCOR)
The software is licensed on a yearly basis with two floating users and one node locked license.
Workgroup license (MODO/MODTRAN)
The software is licensed for up to 3 end users on up to four computers in the same workgroup/institute.
Site license
The software is licensed to a reasonable number of computers or IDL installation (for licensed IDL only) at one specific site/institute.


  • Please ask for availability of license types and license bundles.
  • Floating licenses require a permanent internet connection to be active. No checkout system is available for offline use.
  • We want to make the software users aware that the use of licenses is tracked on ReSe's license server by the local MAC id, startup time, license identification and user's network domain information.